Did you know that on IBM i OS 7.3 you can run Python 2.7, and a lots of others?

IBM i has 30 years of history! Happy anniversary!
We are iAGE, and we have a daily question:

Do you know what kind of languages, technologies can you use?

Application Development:

Modern RPG
​Full-Free Form
No 8-80 Columns Restriction
Rational Developer for i
Open Source
Node.JS V4
Python V 2.7
​Integrated Web Services
​REST Client Support
Binder source files can now be in IFS

Transformation – Application Development

IBM i continues to transform ​application development on IBM i by leveraging the latest in open source languages, source control, and development environments. Additionally, they have continued to re-invent the RPG language to remove its ‘punch card’ heritage to allow modern developers the ability to successfully write new and maintain existing key business applications.

Go IBM i. Go!

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