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Making system changes for the technology’s sake is expensive, risky.

You can trust us to make any change in accordance with your real business needs. It is simple but important enough.


…is to really drill down to the most basic business needs and to the core of any problem. Then make design for the business solution with this understanding.


Minimize risk & utilize existing systems

We work with you to minimize the risk of system changes and to utilize your existing systems to the maximum.

Thrive on difficult tasks

We know that software development can involve serious business problems. We love to address and, if needed, solve these problems.

Really flexible

We welcome your new ideas, at any time during the project. The best ideas may arise late in the project, it is not a problem.

Win - Win

We do not believe in one sided deals, we are looking for long-term relationships.

It is not done until it is done

We are satisfied only if we have succeeded in delivering on our promises to you.

Collaboration with your IT staff

We are happy to share our knowledge with you and your people, as we believe that together we can achieve much more.

We create high quality design and code that results in
software loved by users


Quality of design must come first

We believe that contrary to popular belief, independently of the technology used, solutions must be designed precisely, up to the last pixel and code line.


Technology used is secondary

Success is not about the technology you use. We are confident on RPG/AS400, .NET, J2EE, iOS and Android devices. But: we make technology decisions together with you, based purely on business needs.


Methodology used comes third

Just like with technology: we do not use any methodology just because it is in fashion. We can use waterfall, Agile, SCRUM – depending on the size and nature of the project

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